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Ingredients: Smirnoff Vodka, Jalapeno, Cucumber, Lime, Ginger Beer.

Jalapeño-Cucumber Moscow Mule.  This delightful craft recipe is a spicy twist on the classic Moscow Mule with vodka, lime, and ginger beer. What’s special about the Spicy Moscow is that we infuse our vodka with the jalapeño and cucumber before crafting... divine!

Mules were created in 1941 by John G. Martin who endorsed the cocktail with Smirnoff Vodka. They’ve become so popular since then because of the easy preparations and refreshing taste. Like Martini’s, the Mule now has countless variations. One of our favorites is the Kentucky Mule! Whether you’re making a classic Mule or our Spicy Moscow, the one ingredient that takes us to cocktail heaven is the crisp, bubbly Ginger Beer. Yumm... cheers!


Alcohol Kit (Makes 6) Includes:    

(1) 375 Ml Smirnoff Vodka Bottle

(3) Pellegrino Ginger Beer Bottle

(3) Jalapeño

(3) Lime

(1) Cucumber

Alcohol Kit (Makes 12) Includes:

(1) 750 Ml Smirnoff Vodka Bottle

(6) Pellegrino Ginger Beer Bottle 

(6) Jalapeño

(6) Lime

(2) Cucumber

Spicy Moscow is not offered non-alcoholic. 


Alcohol is provided by a local, licensed retailer and may arrive separately.