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Pink Lady

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Ingredients: Vodka, Honey, Lemon, Pink Fig, Rosemary

It's officially Fall! We're pretty sad that summer passed us by but we're excited that we can dive deep into seasonal cocktails. With dedication to the Bees Knees-- a prohibition era drink, we're paying tribute to the Pink Fig.

In this cocktail the figs are steeped with honey and water, then strained for maximum flavor and a beautiful pink hue. With rosemary garnish, we finish the cocktail with a floral essence. Looking for a mild fruity flavor with a touch of herbal? The Pink Lady is for you. Don't forget your cheese board for the perfect pair!

Alcohol Kit (Makes 6) Includes:    

(1) 375 Ml Titos Bottle

(4) Pink Fig

(3) Lemon

(1) 12 Oz Honey

(6) Rosemary Sprig

Alcohol Kit (Makes 12) Includes:

(1) 750 Ml Titos Bottle

(8) Pink Fig

(6) Lemon

(1) 12 Oz Honey

(12) Rosemary Sprig


Alcohol is provided by a local, licensed retailer and may arrive separately.