Cc Kit-Cree's Cocktail Kit


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Take a dip into Fall with our frontier whiskey twist of a Robot Coupe pressed juice cocktail from Sedona. "Nature has made a perfect cocktail in most fruit, so you only need to extract that essence and allow the drink to balance itself. For example, a shot of bourbon and a freshly juiced apple-- so simple yet so complete."
Cold-pressed juice allows juice to retain more flavor than juice made the "normal" way, and it contains more vitamins and nutrients. When juice is made conventionally, chopped before squeezing the juice out, it oxygenates and produces heat that may neutralize some of the vitamins. When juice is cold-pressed or made with a juicer that hydraulically presses the juice out, it's flavor is better retained as well as it's vitamins. Doc Man is a rich, and aroma capturing premium cocktail that serves up Fall.
Ingredients: Bulleit Bourban, Fernet-Branca, Fresh carrot-ginger juice, Lemon juice, Rosemary, Ice. (Sugar to taste)

 Alcohol Kit (Makes 6) Includes:     

(1) 375 Ml Bulleit Bourban bottle

(1) 100 Ml Fernet-Branca bottle

(3) Carrot

(1) Ginger

(3) Lemon

(6) Rosemary

Alcohol Kit (Makes 12) Includes:

(1) 750 Ml Bulleit Bourban bottle

(1) 750 Ml Fernet-Branca bottle

(6) Carrot

(1) Ginger

(6) Lemon

(12) Rosemary





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