Cc Kit-Cree's Cocktail Kit


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Ingredients: Sweet Mango, Lime, Espolòn Reposado,Tajín, Dehydrated Blood Orange

Since the discovery of Mango and Tajín (pronounced ta-heen), is there really any other way to enjoy fruit? Tajín is a lifestyle. And if you aren’t familiar, the Mexican spice is derived from dried chiles, dehydrated lime, and salt. So what’d we do to ease the cravings? We remastered the bar-style Tajín rim, paired it with it’s best tasting fruit, and crafted a cocktail.

With the simplest of ingredients and only the best Reposado tequila, we’re naturally excited about this Chilé Mango Margarita! Just when you think you can’t take anymore of the Chile’s heat, you remember that sweet cooling sensation of Mango. 

Garnished with our homemade dehydrated Blood Orange slices—or perhaps a spruce of mint, we promise to leave your pallets craving more.

Alcohol Kit (Makes 6) Includes:    

(1) 375 Ml Espolòn Reposado Bottle

(4) Mango

(3) Lime

(1) 5 Oz Tajín Bottle

(6) Dehydrated Blood Orange

Alcohol Kit (Makes 12) Includes:

(1) 750 Ml Espolòn Reposado Bottle

(8) Mango

(6) Lime

(1) 5 Oz Tajín Bottle

(12) Dehydrated Blood Orange

This cocktail can be prepared frozen or poured over ice. 


Alcohol is provided by a local, licensed retailer and may arrive separately.